Our films use untrained actors and a mix of professional filmmakers and high school students/recent high school graduates as crew. This collaborative and real-world learning is central to the philosophy of our set. It’s important to us that film sets feel like creative places and spaces where people, young and old, can ask questions and be curious.

is a cinematographer and gaffer based in Chicago. His cinematography work can be seen in the documentary series America in Transition, the web series Quare Life, and the short film Searching for Isabelle. He was also the cinematographer and producer for the short film Rabbits. His work as a gaffer includes lighting Netflix’s Easy, Comedy Central’s Home for the Weekend, as well as commercial work for clients such as Samsung, McDonalds, Kraft, and Adidas. His inspiration comes from childhood summers spent around his grandmother’s kitchen table in rural Mexico. He earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Film & Video at Columbia College Chicago where he adopted a school of thought that emphasizes story-driven cinematography that is based on emotive lighting and deliberate camera movement.

is a recent graduate of Sullivan High School in Chicago. She is a gifted singer, writer, and ukulele player. She was a member of National Honors Society, Travel Club, Modern Rock Band, Digital Media Club and the Captian of Sullivan’s First Poetry Team. She founded the Culinary Cosmos Cooking Club, in which students learn about the science of cooking and prepare meals and provide the food for open mics at Sullivan. Loreal worked as the 2nd AD on the short film Rabbits. In the fall she will attend the University of Maine
where she will study French.

is a visual artist, writer, and filmmaker. He is a founding member of the Queer Film Club, a group of young people that work to create spaces that are comfortable and creative for queer youth. During his senior year at Jones College Prep High School, Will helped develop the short film Rabbits and served as the Production Manager and Assistant Editor. He also made the drawings that were seen in the film. Will also has a YouTube channel which features a documentary series about his travels to Honduras and a comedy series featuring him and his cat, Mei. Will is currently a students at Sarah Lawrence University where he studies film, environmental science, and creative writing.

Additional community (check back for updates and additional bios):

Armani Armstrong-White
Mohammed Nour Al Baradan
Mia Cosme
Rose Dixon
Chavelly Gonzalez
Romain Grant
Elizabeth Hancuch
Fahmeen Khatoon
Diana Salinas
Anais Torres