As filmmakers, our goal is two-fold. First, to tell the under-told stories of young people in underserved communities. Often, what we see depicted in film are the loud and flashy stories. Real young people feel that if their stories don’t fit those narratives then they aren’t important. We want to shine light on narratives not often seen in the mainstream.
Second, we are creating pathways in film and technology for young people of communities that are often overlooked in film: brown, black, queer, women, refugee. We work to build students’skills, confidence, and curiosity in order to give them the tools to tell their own stories using film. We hope that our productions help to change the media landscape by giving underrepresented populations of young people access to professionals and on-set experience.
On our sets, we value learning and collaboration. The pace is slower than most indie sets so that youth can ask questions, offer suggestions, and communicate their needs. We also value community. At the beginning of the day, the group checks in and we eat meals together during breaks.
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